Hydro Excavation


Choose the Safe Option

Avoid underground trouble

  • Under our feet is a network of gas, telecom
    and electric plant. Damage to any of thes
    utilities can result in expensive repairs, loss
    of service or worse: personal injury.
  • Hydro-excavation uses water jets to liquify
    the soil surronding these utilites and a
    powerful vacuum to remove the mud.
  • Multi-Drain Inc. operates advanced hydr
    excavation vehicles run by expeienced crew
    ensuring a safe and professional dig.



Dig in any weather, any location

  • Boilers allow our hydro excavation crews to
    work in all sorts of weather including the
    winter when the ground is frozen.
  • Traditional digging methods can mean a
    a torn up front yard or a fence that needs to
    be taken down. our hydro excavation trucks
    can extend their reach 350’ so even if we‘re
    digging in your backyard, our truck is
    parked safely at the curb.


Clean and Effective

A Clean and Precise Dig

  • The precison of hydro excavation allows
    allows for digging in areas where tradional
    methods simply can’t compare.
  • Expose weeping tile, dig post holes or
    simply dig around sensitve areas like
    exisitng gas or electric plant, or even protect
    your trees.